Keynote Lectures

Ahmad Abdelrazaq, Executive Vice President, Samsung C&T KR
Development of one of the most advanced monitoring system for supertall buildings in the world design, construction and monitoring program of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


Dr. Chris J. Burgoyne, Head of Structures Group, Univ. of Cambridge, UK
Lecture: Allowable Long Term Stresses in Aramid Tendons

Peter Emmons, CEO of structural group, US
Lecture: Structural Assessment of FRP-Strengthened Structural Members Using Cyclic Load Testing

Dr. Glauco Feltrin, Deputy Structural Engineering Laboratory, Empa CH
Lecture: Structural monitoring with wireless sensor networks: Experiences from field deployments

Dr. R.K. Khandal, Director, Shriram Institute, Delhi, IN
Lecture: Development of Novel Materials for Smart Structures: Visionary Concepts

Prof. Dr. Ali
Maher, Director CAIT /
Rutgers CA
  Long-Term Bridge Performance Program: Objectives and Methods